Bad Weather Notice

All horses are fine! On these wintery days I like to remind all horse lovers that our horses are well cared for. I encourage everyone to research the information about how horses manage inclement weather. It's really interesting how their coats and increased body temperature can make theses days bearable. We have put out triple the amount of hay and have put it in the lower pasture under the trees where it is a great shelter. The ability to forage and increase calories is part of the plan. Some horses will remain in stalls if they are blanketed due to body clipping.
As I write this, the weather man is encouraging us to stay off the roads, and this is a time that I close the barn to lessons. For the next 5 days, our weather will be within the parameters of cold temps, wind chill factors, icy roads and even some snow to make a decision to cancel lessons until Tuesday. This is unprecedented and the strongest weather choice I have ever made in Texas. Let's stay warm, dry and safe, as my staff, Eddie, and I keep our focus on horse care. I will be there today assisting with the plan of how we manage the horses and water during this time. I ASSURE YOU, WE HAVE A PLAN. Our ranch hands are committed to doing a great job and we have a 4 wheel drive back up to ensure they can safely get to work. All will be well!
Next weekend we will have additional make up lessons to help with your choices of rescheduling your lessons.
Saturday February 20th
Main Arena
3 pm Beginner (jumping up to cross rails)
4 pm Intermediate (jumping cross rails to 2 ft)
5 pm Advanced (jumping 2 ft to 3'6")
Sunday February 21
Main Arena
12 noon Beginner
1 pm Intermediate
2 pm Advanced
3 pm All levels horse show practice of flat classes.
In Texas style, the weather looks great for next weekend, sunny and 60's! Thank you for understanding and we'll look forward to what should be our last big weather event of the winter.

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