Kathy has an uncanny ability to relate to any rider, no matter what skill level they may be at. She has the experience and knowledge to teach riders from age 5 to 85 with patience and ease. My daughter began riding with Kathy at the age of 6. She was a shy, timid little girl who is now emerging as a confident and successful rider. Kathy has taught her the basics of horsemanship while instilling the responsibilities of being a horse owner over the years. Emily has excelled as a barrel racer and team penner/sorter under the guidance of Kathy, her trusted trainer and mentor.

Melissa Fox, Austin, TX

I used to think that all it took to be a good rider was to stay on top of the horse. It wasn’t until I started riding with Kathy that I understood the importance of good horsemanship and the time, technique, patience, and persistence that it takes to achieve it. In the five years that I have been riding with Kathy, she has transformed me into a skilled and confident rider with soft hands, strong legs, a firm seat, and a real connection with my horse. Kathy introduced me to the sports of team penning and ranch sorting, and graciously rode with me in competition, even though I was far below her level, to give me a learning experience. Each day I learn a little more from Kathy, but it will take a lifetime to learn everything that she has to teach.

C. Murphy, Dripping Springs, TX